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Better Colleagues Mug
Better Colleagues Mug

Better Colleagues Mug

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  • We do only post within the UK
  • We do post to BFPO address, as long as it has a UK style postcode
  • Envelopes are provided loose inside the larger postage envelope, please do retrieve this before throwing away the larger board backed envelope that we have posted to you
  • We post ALL items first class
  • If ordered after 1pm Mon - Fri, your order will be posted the next working day. (i.e, ordered on a Tuesday, we will be posting the item on a Wednesday)
  • Our working office hours are Monday to Friday
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  • First class is the ONLY service we provide - we cannot offer an alternative service. This service does not provide tracking
  • The postal service is provided by Royal Mail - they claim to deliver the item the following day after posting, although the service can take up to 5 WORKING DAYS
  • We don’t have any control over the service Royal Mail provide - although we are always happy to help if the item has still not arrived after the 5 WORKING DAYS. Our orders are typically received within 2-3 working days
  • If you have NOT received your order within 5 WORKING DAYS, please do contact us as there may have been an issue with the postal service
  • We do receive the address details from the details on the order - please ensure these details are correct at the time of purchase as we cannot change the address once it has been posted. Please do contact us asap if you need to change the address information via email or Facebook message. We will confirm your details have been changed, please allow a few hours for us to confirm receipt of your request
  • We do have a store in Australia, www.lovelaylaaustralia.com.au for orders within Australia and New Zealand
Better Colleagues £3.95
Colleague Caption Cards £12.95
Colleagues Cunts Bag £3.95
Chance Colleagues Pen £2.50
Fancy Mug £12.00
I in Team £3.95
Work Cunts £3.95
All that's Missing £3.95
Your New Colleagues £3.95
Go on, Fuck Off £3.95
Behind Every Mask £8.00
Stop Swearing Mask £8.00
Cat Mask £8.00
Big Lips Mask £8.00
Tongue Poke Mask £8.00
Filthy Bitch Mask £8.00
Leopard Mask £8.00
Baby Face Mask £8.00
Pug Face Mask £8.00
Toothy Grin Mask £8.00
Remove for Blowjob Mask £8.00
Gimp Mask £8.00
A Mask a Day £8.00
Coldsore Mask £8.00
Not Contagious Mask £8.00
Staring Tits Mask £8.00
Stay Away Mask £8.00
Birthday Mask £8.00
NHS Mask £8.00
KeyWorker Mask £8.00
Eating Mask £8.00
Surrounded by Twats Mask £8.00
Public Transport Mask £8.00
Bus Wanker Mask £8.00
Train Wanker Mask £8.00
Here to Help Mask £8.00
Mr Cunt Mask £8.00
Mrs Cunt Mask £8.00
Just Married Mask £8.00
Here for the Alcohol Mask £8.00
Fucking Pointless Mask £8.00
Pointless Mask £8.00
My Eyes Mask £8.00
Doll Mask £8.00
Should be on Holiday Mask £8.00
Choking Hazard Mask £8.00
Check them out Mask £8.00
Tastes like Minge Mask £8.00
Body Hair Mask £8.00
All Heroes Mask £8.00
Cum Catcher Mask £8.00
Sat Here Mask £8.00
Love Layla Mask £8.00
Lip Read Mask £8.00
Show Us Your Lips Mask £8.00
Speak Up Mask £8.00
Dentist Mask £8.00
Lip Fillers Mask £8.00
Cough Blocker Mask £8.00
Stinky Breath Mask £8.00
Hello Karen Mask £8.00
Fucking Smiling Mask £8.00
Back the Fuck Up Mask £8.00
Back Up Mask £8.00
Cum Filter Mask £8.00
Will Remove for Gin Mask £8.00
Will Remove for Beer Mask £8.00
Will Remove for Wine Mask £8.00
Wedding Wanker Mask £8.00
Ball Gag Mask £8.00
Tell You Vegan Mask £8.00
Job Title Mask £8.00
Strawberry Blonde Mask £8.00
Talk to You Mask £8.00
Legend Mask £8.00
People Person Mask £8.00
Wanking Sock Mask £8.00
Look Like a Cunt Mask £8.00
I'm saying Fuck You Mask £8.00
Bitch Face Mask £8.00
Blink Mask £8.00
Big Chins Mask £8.00
Big Disgrace Mask £8.00
Christening Mask £8.00
Contagious Ginger Mask £8.00
Squirty Willy Mask £8.00
Resting Bitch Eyes Mask £8.00
C is for Corona Mask £8.00
Bitch Mode Mask £8.00
Fancy Gimp Mask £8.00
Shit Secret Gift Bottle Opener £3.50
All I Got for Xmas Bottle Opener £3.50
Sweary Wall Calendar 2021 £9.95

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