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Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020
Wall Calendar 2020

Wall Calendar 2020

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Dispatched the next working day! UK only (mon-fri)

Was: £8.95

£4.00 each

Be Organised AF

Opens out to A3 size when hung
Full colour print on 150gsm Silk
Printed Both sides
Packaged in a cello packet for protection
12 month design 2020

Hole punched for hanging

Also available in a Desktop Version

Designs unable to be altered or personalised in anyway!


UK ONLY (Mon-Fri)

  • We do only post within the UK
  • We do post to BFPO address, as long as it has a UK style postcode
  • Envelopes are provided loose inside the larger postage envelope, they are NOT in the cello wrapped card. Please do retrieve this before throwing away the larger board backed envelope that we have posted to you.
  • We post ALL items first class.
  • Once the purchase has been made, they are posted the next working day. (i.e, ordered on a Tuesday, we will be posting the item on a Wednesday...)
  • We post Monday to Friday ONLY.
  • If an order has been made on a Friday, this will be posted the following Monday, first class.
  • First class is the ONLY service we provide - we cannot offer an alternative service.
  • The postal service is provided by Royal Mail - they claim to deliver the item the following day after posting, although the service can take up to 5 WORKING DAYS.
  • We don’t have any control over the service Royal Mail provide - although we are always happy to help if the item has still not arrived after the 5 WORKING DAYS. Our orders are typically received within 2-3 working days.
  • If you have NOT received your order within 5 WORKING DAYS, please do contact us as there may have been an issue with the postal service.
  • We do receive the address details from the details on the order - please ensure these details are correct at the time of purchase as we cannot change the address once it has been posted. Please do contact us asap if you need to change the address information via email or Facebook message. We will confirm your details have been changed, please allow a few hours for us to confirm receipt of your request.
  • We do have a store in Australia, for orders within Australia and New Zealand.
Valentines Cards
Happy Fucking Whatever £4.25
Mortgage Wanker-BLACK £4.25
Clever Wanker - BLUE £4.25
Weirdos £3.75
Goodbye Tight Vagina £4.25
A Buffet? Yep. £3.75
Massive Cock £3.75
9 Months £2.50
Be easy £3.75
Pee Pants £2.50
Try Not to Fuck it up £3.75
Will You Marry Me £2.50
Partner In Wine £2.50
Bridesmaid £2.50
Drink Too Much £2.50
Well Done £2.50
Stress Dad £2.50
Shit Dancing £2.50
Mortgage Wanker £2.50
Full Of Shit £2.50
Office Wanker £2.50
Clever Wanker £3.75
Thanks for no longer Sniffing my Arse £3.75
Turd in a Water Park £3.75
Porn Star £6.50
You're going to need it! £3.75
Thank Fuck £3.75
& Fanny £3.75
Chuffin Ell £3.75
Mint in Bed £3.75
Favourite student £3.75
Classmates £3.75
"There's a Choc Ice in the Freezer" £3.75
Memories £3.75
Smash It £3.75
However Long... £3.75
I knew you'd do well. £3.75
You Passed! £3.75
Shit Together. £3.75
Marriage is just a big Competition £3.75
Clever Twat. £3.75
Retiring? £3.75
Camel wants his toe back. £3.75
2  Mums £3.75
Super Powers £3.75
Inherit Fortunes £3.75
Sneeze £3.75
Tassel Hassle £3.75
Twenty-One - RED £4.25
Forty - RED £4.25
Get Well Soon - GREEN £4.25
Good Luck - BLUE £4.25
Anniversary £2.50
Christmas Gift £2.50
Christmas Spirit £2.50
Favourite Person £2.50
I Need a Bottle £2.50
Need a Drink £2.50
Desk Calendar 2020 £8.95
Naming your Baby £3.75
First Home £3.75
Unrelated Sources £3.75
Blow Me  - RED £4.25
Birthday Wanker - BLACK £4.25
Marry the Shit £3.75
Small Dick £3.75
Being my Mum £3.75
Like an Idiot £3.75
Strongest Sperm Daughter £3.75
Even your Mum? £3.75
We have some News £3.75
Endless Sleepover £3.75
No Fucks Given £3.75
Wearing White £3.75
November Birthday £3.75
21 and still a Dickhead £3.75
25 and still a Knobhead £3.75
Favourite Bitch £3.75
70 and still a Wanker £3.75
80 and still a Wanker £3.75
In a While Crocodile £3.75
Happy Birthday Twat £3.75
18 and still a Wanker £3.75
From the Twatcat £3.75
Even your Dad £3.75
Middle Finger £3.75
Mortgage Wankers £3.75
Judging my Fanny £3.75
Hip Hip Hooray £3.75
See You Ovulator £3.75
Bye Uteri £3.75
Anniversary Wankers £3.75
Happy Fucking Whatever £3.75
Big Boobs £3.75
Sorry Midwife £3.75
Up the Bum £3.75
Tiny Tits £3.75
Mini Me £3.75
You were Adopted £3.75
Hug Card £3.75
Favourite Brother £3.75
Knobhead Sister £3.75
November Dickhead £3.75
December Dickhead £3.75
Happy Birthday Dickhead £3.75
January Birthday £3.75
Baby isn't sleeping Badge £3.50
Prosecco on Two Occasions £2.50
This Alcohol was brought to you by: £2.50
My Liver Hates our Friendship £2.50
Lesbian Lover £3.75
Buysexual £3.75
Crazy Cat Lady £3.75
Still a Wanker £3.75
Dying Young £3.75
Favourite Daughter £3.75
My Forever Penis £4.25
Happy Birthday Bellend £4.25
You Say Unicorn £3.75
New Eyebrows £3.75
Cunt of Honour £3.75
Cunt Bag £3.75
Secret Santa Gift Pen £2.50
Legend October £4.50
To My Favourite £4.50
Pursue Dream £4.50
Made Us £4.50
New Colleagues £4.50
I'm a Vegan Notebook £9.95

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